Settlement Ensures Future of NCST Platform

NEWNAN, GA, March 15th – R41D41 Industries, LLC has reached a mutually agreeable settlement with Plaintiff Robert Royce in State Court Case 24SV0105E. As a result of the settlement, the Plaintiff has filed the required paperwork with the court for a dismissal of the complaint with prejudice. This marks the end of any further litigation by either party resulting from the subject matter initially at odds.

According to James Deichelbor, the Owner of R41D41 Industries, the settlement of this litigation is the best result for all involved.

“A fast, fair resolution allows us to return the focus of our limited resources to the day-to-day operation of our platforms including Newnan Coweta Scanner Traffic, removes the threat of large monetary expense posed by a possible judgment, and ends the need for us to ask the community for any further monetary support, “ said James Deichelbor, Owner of R41D41 Industries, LLC and Editor in Chief of Newnan Coweta Scanner Traffic ( NCST ). He added, “I would like to thank the community
for the immense outpouring of support shown through financial donations, and words of support and appreciation for the NCST platform. Without this support, the resolution of this litigation would not have been possible.”

In response to elements of the complaint, R41D41 Industries will be instituting some policy and procedural changes to the operation of its flagship platform, Newnan Coweta Scanner Traffic. One of the goals of these changes is to serve the community by better ensuring information being disseminated can be properly identified by users as either factual reporting or opinion-based content.

Mr. Deichelbor had the following to say regarding these changes, “While I believe that how we’ve been releasing information on NCST has been proper, I want to take the opportunity to ensure that the information provided by the complaint is addressed and used to make the platform better for the future. I have to thank Mr. Royce for his candor and willingness to openly discuss his observations, the result of which is my ability to make sure the same doesn’t occur again.”

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