ex notitia potentia

When information is power, the citizens must possess the information.

Our Mission

The Mission of R41D41 Industries is to provide information to the citizens allowing them to make more informed decisions concerning their lives and community.

R41D41 Industries uses the following process in working towards this mission.

1. Identify

Traversing the plethora of information available in a digital age can be paralyzing.

We believe it is important to identify issues impacting the community which then allows us to focus on locating information sources permanent to these topics.

2. Obtain

Once sources of information have been identified and located, wading through the laws, policies, and procedures unique to each agency, site, or organization can daunting.

Researching and building relationships allows us to more easily navigate these challenges, obtaining the appropriate information

3. Dissiminate

Our mission isn’t complete until the information we obtain is in the hands of those who own it and the power it comes with.

Disseminating information means nothing unless it can be understood. To do this we aim to provide the community with context and detail that allows a better understanding.

Our Platforms

Our Points of Information Dissemination.